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The Power Of The

How To Make Professional Videos

(week 4)

Looking professional is vital for succeeding on social media. Inside our course you will learn how to:

1. Create commercial videos

2. Create a digital introduction

3. Create your own logo

4. Create voice-over videos

5. Hire a professional presenter 

Our mission is to make your brand look a million dollars when you are promoting on the world wide web. 

If you have existing products and services you will learn how to put them online, if you currently do not have anything to sell or promote we will help you find and create products for little or zero cost.

The methods you will learn are:

  1. Drop-shipping (Free)

  2. Affiliate Marketing (Free)

  3. Print On Demand (Free/paid)

  4. Online subscriptions (Wix package)

  5. D-UK-Partnerships (Upgrade)

Our mission is to help you create or find suitable products specifically for your business needs.

On social media, you can promote your business to the entire world, Inside our course, you will learn how to:

1. Create and use a personal Facebook & business page

2. Create and use an Instagram page

3. Create and use a YouTube Account

4. Create your own social media banners

5. Create your platform thumbnails

6. Upload your videos across platforms

7. Use YTube booster for Youtube keyword ranking

9. Multi-stream across social media platforms 

Our mission is to show you how to spread your brand across social media platforms with minimum effort and maximum results. 

How To Set Up Social Media (week 3)

Building a website in 2021 can be done with no coding or technical experience, Inside our website course you will learn

how to:

  1. Create your own online shop/merchandise

  2. Accept free or paid online bookings

  3. Offer free or paid webinars 

  4. Create a private members area

  5. Create a podcast

  6. Add live chat

  7. Upload your music offering paid or free downloads

  8. Purchase your own domain (www.your-name.com)

  9. Publish your website on the internet

Our mission is to have you online and live within 7 days from starting our program.



How To Monetise (Week 2)

Web-Site Technology (Week 1)

What you will learn inside our 30-day online mentorship program

Join one of our live webinars and you will have a dedicated mentor talking you through how to build your website from start to end in the live sessions, you will also have 14 days of online after webinar support. 

  1. 1hr 30.mins X 4 Live Website Building Webinar

  2.  Webinars x 2 per week

  3. Webinar live FAQs

  4. 14 days of online support

  5. Limited to groups of 10 people per webinar

After this training, you will know how to:

1. Create a merchandise store

2. Create an online store

3. Create paid and free online booking forms

4. Connect Paypal payment gateways

5. Buy your domain name (www.yourname.com)

6. Publish on the worldwide web

This service comes with a money-back guarantee, after the first live session if you are not excited with what you are learning you can contact chat and request your money back with no questions asked.

Learn How To Build A Website #Live

What you will learn inside our private group webinars

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Network Partners

Online Networking


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Pick the one most suited to you.


Online 30 Mentorship

£1000 p/m

Build Your Business Courses

Website Build

Video Commercial Maker

Social Media Marketing

1 x Allocated Mentor

Video Training

Digital Notes 

SMS Project Updates

Accountability Monitor 

Examinations & Certificates

90 Days Membership

Examinations & Certificates

Live online support

14-day money-back guarantee 

Entry to DUK Online Group Webinars

2hrs x 5 p/w  of your time is required

Live Webinar Training


Website Building Live Seminar

1.30hr live webinar x 4 

2 x webinars p/w

Personal Group up to 10 people

After Webinar Training Material

Webinar live FAQs

30 days of online support 

Wix Approved Partner (Tutor)

Up to date teachings

Money-back guarantee until 2nd session

Work with people you can trust

Website Examination & Certificate

25% Off (One Future Webinar)

Meet people on your journey

Build It For You!


Done For You

Our team will build your website for you with the features you need. Upon completion of your payment, our team will call you within 24hrs to have a discussion with you regarding your business requirements.


On the call, we will confirm your project and provide you with time scales. In the rare event if you do not like your finished product you will be able to request a money-back guarantee up until your website acceptance has been completed.

We will also provide you with video training for your website maintenance and 30 days of online support.

We collect payments upfront to avoid bogus clients wasting with fake requests.

Online Mentorship


90 Days Online

We Will Build It For You

If you would prefer us to build .

Done For YOU!

Build A System For You!