DUK - Reserves the right to amend any course material with immediate effect, along with course release dates.

DUK - Reserves the right to make any amendments to our live chat service to suit the business needs.


We do NOT give refunds for any downtime that may be experienced. If our chat team is on calls whilst live you will see the contact us button we answer your ticket as soon as possible. 

DUK - Partnered/Associated With: DUK is Partnered/affiliated with third-party companies who will pay DollarsUK commissions for the referring business.


Each business we are partnered/affiliated with is found in the description area of the course. The commission structure has not affected the reason why we promote third-party products, we only promote products that we believe in.


The income contributes to our business expenses which enable us to keep our platform running at an affordable price for our users. You do not need to purchase from any of the third party suppliers, we advise you to only purchase if you see the value on offer. When Purchasing third-party products we only assist you with our training and experience. You will have to agree to the supplier's terms and conditions to which we have no control over.

You will find the third party products we promote have a contact section, for any legal questions regarding their products or services, we advise you to contact the supplier directly for further assistance. before contacting us, If you subscribe to any third party products and which to cancel you will have to contact the company directly as we do not have the authority to cancel on your behalf.

You are paying for access to our tutorials with on-going online support. We do not guarantee you any sales or returns. There are many factors to consider, for example, the products you are promoting, your website usability, your order fulfilment process, your branding, presentation, your creativity, and passion.

Live chat operates around the clock If you contact the team when they are off-line allow 24 hours for the response to be answered.

DollarsUK is not liable for any amounts of money you may spend when upgrading products or services, purchasing software, paying for paid campaigns. Under no circumstances is DollarsUK liable for the money you may lose in campaigns you choose to do.

Digital Videos

All purchased digital videos are yours for you to do as you please with If your payment is received and we have not delivered you will have the option to replace the product or choose a 100% refund.

DollarsUK Affiliate Partnership

To apply for the DollarsUK Affiliate program you MUST be a course member. You shall be required to complete and agree with Our partner affiliate terms and conditions.

DollarsUK - Reserves the right to cancel any member subscriptions with immediate effect to protect our business against internet abuse, difficult clients, fraud, internet trolls, competition attempting to poach our clients or training material, bullying or harassment will not be tolerated. 

Downloading Software Agreements

You will have the option to purchase light-weight software from varies companies. It is your responsibility to ensure you read the terms and conditions of the software supplier. DollarsUK is not reasonable for your software purchases and under no circumstances will issue a refund. Any 3rd party purchases are between you and the company concerned. Third-party software will be highlighted in the video tutorials before your purchase.

DollarsUK does not hold your card details, we use a third party merchants Stripe / Paypal Business

DollarsUK Partners will have access to the emails of members they have referred to our platform if that member becomes a DollarsUK partner. This is to enable, this is needed when monitoring payments to pay the partner for the referral.​